Company Section

Company section is for boys aged 11-15, they meet on Fridays from 19:30 until 21:30CompanySection-Boy-Cartoon

The Programme

Company Section boys work on a badge scheme called Discover, which is based on three areas; community, recreation and skills. Our young people get the chance to develop existing skills and learn new ones, through a fun, balanced and challenging program of activities.
We encourage the boys to have a say and help shape their own programme. They can get involved in anything from helping others in their local community to playing sports, or being creative – there’s something for everyone!
The biggest highlights of the programme are our House Party residential weekend held in our Church halls, and our Weekend Camp held at the Boys’ Brigade regional Headquarters, Felden Lodge in Hemel Hempstead.

The Uniform

Company Section boys are expected to wear their uniforms each week. This comprises of either a blue polo shirt and navy blue sweatshirt or a blue shirt & tie. Members are expected to wear school trousers and shoes as part of their footwear, and recommended to bring trainers to participate in the games session.
On special occasions members will be expected to wear their badges, these are worn on bands on their right arm (or left arm for some badges). To see where the badges should be worn, click here.


Throughout their time in this age group the young people can gain badges and recognition for their participation in the programme.
Each week a badge class will be held that falls into one of the badge categories, each attended session builds up an accumulation of points in that category.


Compass Badge

This is an introductory award. The Badge will be awarded in the 1st year of the section. To gain the award, the young person has to have gained a suitable number of points from the programme, in all categories.


Community, Recreation and Skills Badges

These are the three main badges of this programme. Each badge is gained by accumulating points for each category.
There are four levels to these badges, one for each year of the programme. The highest level of each badge is worn on the right armband of the boys.

Major Awards

There are two major awards that a young person can acheive during their time in Company Section, these are;


Discovery Badge

This is awarded from Year 2, requiring another total of accumulated points, and additional elements to be carried out on BB nights.



The Presidents Badge

This is awarded from Year 4. This is the second highest award a young person can achieve in BB.
The requirements of this badge are set out as follows;


  • 30 accumulated points, this can be acheived in one year with good attendance.
  • Acheived at least one level of all three main badges in the previous 12 months.
  • Attendance of a Christian faith development course. This is covered by a required “Building your Skills” course combined with attending our Weekend Camp.
  • Good attendance for one year.
  • Teamwork skills experience. This can be covered in a variety of ways, including the Battalion arranged trip to HOAC!
  • 10 Hours of practical service for either the BB Company or the Church (or both).